Technology creating time and dimensions

In the past few years, technology has increase dramatically. Cell phones now can tell you what to do and operate as an on line computer. Home security systems can regulate the temperature in your home, shut down appliances, turn lights on and off. Computers can now program other computers while streamlining their own internal programs and the programs on other computers. Space travel is almost exclusively monitored by computers and computers monitoring computers. 

While we are all looking up at space travel, the Hubble Telescope and other technological outsourcing,  the greatest gains in the tech field are happening on the streets telephones and communication devices we all use daily. Quietly and undetected, billions of dollars are being spent to monitor the movements, conversations and actions of all the people of the world. 

Most of you would say this is crazy. “Why would someone want to keep track of me? I have nothing to hide.” I am not important enough to have someone take the time to watch me.” I don’t have enough money for someone to want to find something out about me.” If you believe this, you are listening to your parents and friends that are not looking at the obvious, and Kenny D logic. 

There are now thousands of satellites that look DOWN at the earth rather than out towards outer space. Thousands of cameras are being placed at all intersections throughout THE WORLD. Cell phones can tract your whereabouts. (Read the disclosures! You consent to allowing your whereabouts to be public info!) Cars are sold with tracking devices through SIRUS (read the disclosure). WIFI at public locations have you sign off on your privacy and enter your personal computer. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, AOL Windows, all download updates that enter and copy all of the info on your computer. Passports now have micro chips that can track you whereabouts. Credit card account info, cell phone call info are all public info for use ,,, BY WHO??

Billions of dollars are being spent to track the humans of this world. IF it was for public safety, someone would spend .5% of the “tracking us” fund to tell us why and take credit for it. Lights at the intersection are not for our use,, who reviews the surveillance tapes for the millions of intersections?    ( not talking about the cameras that give you tickets, look up above at the traffic lights). 

The Navigation system in all phones is FREE! WIFI is FREE at most places. ANYTHING THAT IS FREE IS SUSPECT. Free services allow the program or tracking of whoever offering the product to have more people use the service. The benefit is more people will use the application and the purpose of tracking more people is accomplished. If you are not being charged, whoever offering the service has to make their money someplace else to sustain the service!. 

The reason for someone or something to track all activity of all persons in the world is because it is worth something of value or it gives whoever that is processing all of our movements some information that is of value,, great value. It has to be something of incredible value since the activities surrounding the monitoring is being kept very hidden (in clear view!). 

Individually, we are all probably not very important to whoever is watching, rather it is the movement of people in a large group that must be of interest. This would be the reason for all of the technology, cameras, tech programs infiltrating our everyday life. We must all have a piece of the puzzle and communicate it to each other with knowing it. Our frequency of actions, inactions, subject matter in conversations, mannerisms, must all provide some clue of future happenings. This is not so far fetched when you consider the Mayan calender has accurately timed future events involving civilizations. 

It stands to reason there is something within us that can signal future happenings or tendencies of our civilization. Just as cows congregate into groups when they sense rain, or birds migrating as a group south, or groundhogs staying in the ground if there is going to be cold weather (LOL), the same must be true of tracking large groups of humans. 

OR maybe this is the colonization of our species by aliens or an elite group of people within our planet. Maybe it is the process by which we reprogram reality for our species this Dec. 21 2012. The cycles of life depict by the Mayans and the Mayan calender might be the timing for implementing the new realities of each cycle of life. The Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible change the manner in which man owed GOD “his due” In the Old Testament, man needed to earn his blessing, compensation before GOD bestowed blessing. In the New Testament, this was changed so that man received his blessing and could repent to continue to receive his blessings. The Sumarians questioned the Anunakki as to why the had to do all of the manual labor and reality changed. Whether it is computer generated, GOD generated or done by an elite group of humans or super humans this massive undertaking to track all of our activities and conversations can only be so that someone or something can gain an advantage or combat an incumbent force that is in charge of the maintenance of our species. 


Kenny D 


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